The Writing World Cup is a competition that aims to encourage the habit of writing and editing among peers. It is played in teams, but each member writes their texts individually.

During the two weeks of the World Cup, each participant writes 3,000 characters (1,500 in the Kids category) every day, following a suggested writing prompt each day. At this stage, the effectiveness of the team is measured in percentage, according to the proportion of its members who meet the daily characters.

After the writing stage, each team selects a text from one of its members. These texts are read by pre-selection juries in several instances, until reaching the 10 finalists who are evaluated by a final jury. The texts of the ten finalists add points to their teams and define the winning teams (from 10 to 1 point).

There are prizes for the winning team and the authors of the finalist texts (who may not belong to the winning team). In addition to the prizes for the General and Kids category, there are special prizes for the best text and team of the Teenagers Category.